It is unavoidable that athletes and coaches will need legal advice at some point during a career. This advice can be expensive. However, we are able to offer legal advice to our clients as part of the agency package. What’s more we can secure discounts on legal work falling outside the agency relationship for both sports people and their families.

Advice which we can offer sports people includes:

Career Advice
Whether it is a first professional contract, or an sports person looking to progress their career, we can help in both finding a new team and agreeing the best terms possible, or if appropriate negotiating new terms with your current team. We have strong links throughout England and Wales in many sporting disciplines and a proven track record in securing excellent deals for our clients. We are on hand throughout your career to guide you when making important decisions.

Contract Negotiation & Advice
Negotiating a contract is one of the most important aspects of our service. It’s the single most important document in an sports persons career. We help to achieve your market value in contract negotiations, and discuss terms on your behalf. We take away the burden from our client and can represent you in all discussions. We strive to obtain the best financial package available and assist in negotiating bonus schemes and other beneficial clauses. We also provide specific advice on the legalities of any such contracts and offer the services of trained and experienced contract lawyers who will advise you at all stages of the negotiation process. We perform extensive research into prior contracts, the current market value of a sports person and salary caps for each organisation.

Post-Career Advice
We also work closely with sports people after their active career has ended. We will work to help develop positions such as coaching roles or ambassador positions inside or outside of sport.

Injury Claims
If you are involved in an accident outside of your athletic career, and which is not your fault, you could be left unable to compete or even suffer career-ending injuries. We offer access to our approved personal injury lawyers who will assist you in recovering compensation for any financial losses that you suffer.

Criminal and Disciplinary Matters
Although uncommon, a sports person may at some stage during or after their career find themselves in trouble either in terms of criminal matters, or disciplinary matters with their employers. Obtaining specialist advice as soon as possible is imperative. Not only can we advise you at the early stages (even in a police station) but our experienced lawyers can also represent you at any subsequent hearings.

Intellectual Property Rights
You may at some stage need to take action to protect your reputation, or to protect your image if it is being exploited without your consent. We offer direct access to lawyers who specialise in such areas and who are on hand to advise you in such instances.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Our lawyers can assist in helping to resolve any civil disputes that may arise, either related to your career or private life. This may include debt matters, contractual claims, harassment injunctions or other similar matters.

Property Purchases
Buying a property will be the biggest purchase of your life so it is important to trust this to a team of experienced lawyers. We have a team of property professionals who can guide you through the home-buying process, all for a reasonable fixed fee.


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