A sports persons career can be all too short and therefore it is imperative to maximise potential earnings throughout. We can support sports people in looking for additional revenue streams and business opportunities to assist in increasing a short and long term income.

Product Endorsements and Sponsorships
As a professional sportsperson, you will attract significant media coverage and both local and national businesses are keen to use sportspeople to promote their brands and products. Be it negotiating free equipment, or securing financial packages and sponsorships, we will assist you in obtaining such deals and improving your marketing value.

Commercial Management
Many professional sports people combine their playing careers with running a business. We can assist in advising you on such commercial opportunities as well as the legal and other formalities associated with running a business, allowing you to concentrate on your sports career. We have a proven track record as commercial agents and work regularly with big brands to achieve optimum benefit for you and your business.

Reputation and Image Management
We can advise you in respect of both cultivating and protecting your image rights in terms of product endorsements, sponsorships, and the media. Protecting and maintaining your image can have a significant impact on an earning potential and seeking professional advice in this area is crucial.

Media Training and Media Brokering
We can assist in securing deals with media publications for opportunities such as regular interviews, columns or pundit work, in both broadcast and print-based media.


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